Waterbased PU Coating Suede

100% Waterbased Materials

The Ultimate Solution for Vegan Leather

Similar outlook and inner structure of real leather;

Other characteristics include:

Rich surface texture; Strong and no deformation;

Waterproof, antifouling and grease resistant.

Unique Techniques:

Adding on the original MS waterbased microfiber suede technique, MS applies waterbased dry-coating technology and creates the 100% Waterbased PU-coating leather, which consists of waterbased non-woven microfiber backing, and waterbased PU-coating finishes.

Unlike the traditional oilbased coating production, MS uses nothing harmful chemical articles like DMF, MEK, Toluene, ... but only Waterbased PU. Throughout the production cycle, zero harmful article contained. We truly believe, the real vegan leather, needs to be eco-friendly, in both production and raw materials.


Non-woven Microfiber Suede


Woven & Knitted Suede