Non-woven Microfiber Suede

The perfect combination of fabric and PU leather.

It has the soft touch of fabrics, and the real leather appearance.

Other characteristics include:

  • Environmental-friendly (due to our special production process);

  • Easy maintenance (anti-aging/non- sticky/non-moldy/non- moth-eaten);

  • Excellent quality (breathable/luxurious/elegant)

Recycled Version Available - Contact us for further information.


Unique Techniques Applied

Figured sea-island microfibers ensure uniform fineness in structure, and improvements on hand feeling, genuine texture of leather style, dyeing performance and mechanical properties, compared with unfigured sea-island production and genuine leather.

Alkali is used in reduction process instead of toluene, which reduces the environmental impact since the griege process. Water is the only solvent in the production; no DMF contained.

One-bath treatment method developed by MS completes dyeing process at one time with considerable water saved.


Waterbased PU Coating Suede