our simple strategies to stay present & simplify our schedules aka how 2 ‘type A’ crazies tackle REAL life!


We LOVE our lives. Let’s put that statement in bold print. Not that anyone lives a perfect life. But we love the lives that we have. We are lucky, grateful and have enough life experience to know what to bitch about and what NOT to bitch about. We know that there are no rainbows without rain and we both know better than to sweat the small stuff. We are also both a little bit ‘type a’/control freaks and WE’RE WORKING ON IT!


So, when life gets crazy, sometimes the best thing for us to do is simplify our day and lower the expectations that we have of ourselves. Here at a.dose.of, we are all about being REAL and just like everyone else, we have our stressful days…and stressful weeks. Nothing too mega serious to complain about (#getsomeperspective), but you know- the day to day stuff. When the kids are sick, or the schedules get messed up, or 4 snow days in a row happen, or someone works late. Even the most fun activities- like trips and traveling- can get crazy when nobody wants to agree on a plan. A common travel obstacle for us is when we are lucky enough to have the grandparents or a relative stay with our kiddos and we begin writing a book on ‘what to do, what to feed & how to keep my kid alive’, which inevitably makes everybody anxious…followed by serious second thoughts about traveling without the kids (#momguilt)

Over the past month, we have been perfecting practicing the ‘LOW Expectations Morning Routine’, that way when the rest of the day doesn’t go as planned, we feel like we’ve at least done a couple of things right!


For this little experiment, we start our day by preparing a coffee and tea. We like to make the tea in a travel mug that we can take with us, but honestly, most of the time it ends up being a cold green tea on the go, but hey, it still counts! Hopefully we are still getting a good dose of whatever healthy things the research says is in green tea, right?!


We also like to fill a BIG jug of water for the day. Some of our faves are Swell and BKR, but any non-plastic bottle will do. We like to add some fruit or even easier, a couple drops of our favorite essential oil because it’s just easier. We can’t be the only ones who buy lemons and limes for water, never have time to slice them and get pissed when they’re hard and gross before we use them….seriously, anyone else?! 


Now, if we have an extra 35 minutes in the morning, we like to squeeze in a quick workout & then immediately follow-up with a QUICK and healthy smoothie or smoothie bowl (great recipe HERE).


Another thing that we like to do is plan/review our plan for the week. On Sunday night we find that it’s great to sit down and take what’s in our digital calendar or monthly calendar and actually write out THE PLAN for the week: Must do’s, Must call’s, Must Email’s, the works! We jot it all down so that when we have that extra 5-10 minutes, we can use it wisely. We include such little things like ‘fancy, 10 step face routine’, ‘take vitamins’, or as one reader told us- she adds ‘take a shower ‘ to her daily schedule. YEP, we get it! There is just something about writing it all out that holds us a bit more accountable. Don’t get us wrong, plenty of things get moved around, even pushed to the next week, but it feels good to plan ahead.


We’ve found that these tips & tricks help us to keep it all together, stay present, enjoy the time we have & stress a bit less. As two ‘Type A’ control freaks, we work hard to remember balance & keep in mind that when life gets busy, we shouldn’t try to do ALL of the things, just SOME of the things.

Best, N+K