a.dose.of honest review: Peach…a clothing line for gym, work & play


We LOVE when a company reaches out to us with a product to try and asks us to review it… And what we love EVEN MORE is when we can 100% say it is something we would use or buy with our own money AND we get to talk about it on the blog. The reason we started ‘a.dose.of’ was to share a bit of our everyday lives as well as the most useful (& amazing) products, tips & tricks that we discover along the way (more HERE). We actually purchase the things we review, we eat at the restaurants that we post about, we stay at the the hotels we recommend & we foot the bill for all of it. IF SOMETHING WAS GIVEN TO US FOR FREE- YOU WILL SEE A DISCLOSURE IN BOLD PRINT. This is our actual life and we are SHOCKED every time we go someplace and see bloggers and social media users setting up shots at a table or lobby, NOT dining, staying or using the items that they’re posting about, or even worse- when security asks them to leave an establishment for not being an actual paying customer… (prime example, look for our post on: Sketch, London). SO LET’S BE HONEST- in this blogging/social media world you see #ad more and more, as people are often paid for product placement and reviews. (but hey, at least now we KNOW things are ads!) And for us, it gets a bit annoying when you see a blogger advertising something that you can be pretty darn sure they wouldn’t ever use. We’re not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but it’s hard to trust reviews these days when people are motivated by the material & financial incentives. WE PROMISE YOU that IS NOT going to happen over here! ((We can definitely promise you that)). We’re all about transparency & no BS when it comes to the places we go, stay, eat and the items we love. We purchase everything we review ourselves, unless we’ve told you in BOLD PRINT we were given the item for FREE- or discounted- for review. WE ONLY ACCEPT ITEMS FOR FREE IF WE CAN GIVE OUR HONEST OPINION. That is an UPFRONT CONDITION. And it probably costs us money & turns some brands away, but the best brands are confident in their products and accept that term. (PS-We don’t buy follows either, so we’re super happy and grateful for every single person who stops by ‘a.dose.of’ and we are so glad you’re here!) 

And EVEN BETTER, with some brands we can give you a discount code from the company should you decide to order something! (Side note: we’ve reviewed items in the past that we purchased ourselves & afterward have had the brand reach out with a discount code on the back end, too.) 


DISCOUNT CODE: Take $10 off your PEACH purchase using https://www.discoverpeach.com/r/nikkid

a.dose.of honest review


Ever heard of Peach? No, neither had we! But when Dawn reached out to us, asking to send us a product to review, we hopped on the website and immediately thought ‘why had we NOT?’ Cute AND comfy workout gear, plus items that you can wear while out and about is right up our alley! And the goal of woman supporting woman- love that even more. Peach gives you an excuse to get your friends together to have a trunk party or you can shop online here at PEACH 


When I opened the package, I knew immediately I was in trouble and should just hand over the credit card right now. GUYS- it’s material that feels like pajamas but it is REAL clothes. Yep, just what we had thought when we looked at the website: cute and comfy! 


The flyaway cardigan (HERE) is a super soft thin fabric that holds it’s shape, even though it has stretch, which is perfect for when you put it on after a work out. You will look ‘put together’ for that sweaty Starbucks and Target run that we all do…we know we aren’t the only ones!

IMG_5261The cardigan has slimming lines on the back, so even with it being loose and ‘flowey’…not a word, but it should be…..it doesn’t look sloppy. 

Another bonus: you can dress it up or down because it looks just as cute with jeans and a tank as it does with workout clothes. But my fav is that it’s ties different ways to cover your butt (or not), so it’s perfect for leggings. Not to cause a major internet argument about leggings and butt coverage just stating the facts! 


Directions say to hand wash and I can tell you that is SO not going to happen in my house! I have washed it a couple times already and just put it on delicate with some other dark pieces and set out flat to dry with no issues.


I just ordered the modern boho black pants (HERE) & I think they will be perfect with a white tee and my lived-in Addidas Superstars. Throw on a jean jacket & the summertime evening outfit is all set 🖤

For all of your Peach needs, contact Dawn (HERE) or (HERE)

A little bonus: Dawn is an amazing pilates teacher & has shared two of her favorite at home pilates moves:

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” – Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a method of exercise that coordinates the mind, body and spirit. Our well-being deserves to be taken care of. Thus, it is important to exercise our bodies. Here are a couple fun Pilates exercises to warm up your body, get your heart pumping, blood flowing and breath centered.


The Pilates Hundred:

Lie flat on your back to begin. Lift your head, neck and shoulders off the mat bringing your arms down to your hips keeping them long at your sides. Next elevate your legs and press your heels together. Eventually you will want to get your legs a few inches off of the floor, but may start with them higher.  Your body will look like it is in a canoe shape. Begin to breathe with an inhale through the nose for 5 counts and deep throaty exhale through the mouth for 5 counts. Vigorously pump your arms at your sides like you are dribbling basketballs. Inhale for 5 arm pumps and exhale for 5 arm pumps. Continue for 10 breaths to have a maximum of 100 arm pumps…the Hundred Exercise.

Rolling Like A Ball:

Start sitting and pull your knees and thighs into your chest lifting your feet off the ground. Wrap your arms around your shins and tuck your chin into your chest to create a ball shape. Take an inhale and maintaining the shape roll your body back up to the shoulder blades and with your exhale roll your body back up to the starting position. Repeat 5-8 times to massage your spine as you roll.

Best, N+K